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Strategic Life/Career Management Plan - Introduction

Guarantee Your Career/Life Success

Here now is the opportunity for you to take advantage of an offer for you to 'Guarantee Your Career Success'. It is simple, fast and effective and will cost you very little of your money. It may lead in real terms to you gaining some or all of the following:

  ·  Getting into the right career and right industries at the right time.
  ·  Increased career/life purpose and job satisfaction.
  ·  Establishing you ahead of the competition in your present career.
  ·  Assisting you in standing out in your industry.
  ·  Better remuneration.
  ·  Successful career transition when you want it.

Also as part of this it is suggested that you visit to complete your full Strategic Life / Career Management Assessment©. This will assist you in determining your Strategic Life/Career Management Plan© and will help you in knowing how you will self manage. The Life/Career Success System© will give guidance on implementing the strategies and processes covered in this book. The ultimate aim is you gaining success and it will provide you with an online coaching system that will assist you in maintaining your motivation and momentum. The site will also assist you in advertising your profile and allows you to direct all your contacts to your profile.

At present some of your key areas of concern are the following:

  ·  Dissatisfaction with my present role and I'm looking for another position/life direction.
  ·  Need to open up to better positions/opportunities within my present company - how do I go about it?
  ·  Want to change positions and find a new role/life opportunity in the wider employment market / life - what do I actually do?
  ·  Applying to many roles on the Internet and don't get anywhere.
  ·  Getting interviews but not getting the job offer.
  ·  Getting job offers for positions that I don't want.
  ·  Lacking career/life focus and direction and not marketing myself correctly.
  ·  Want to position myself for the very best jobs/life opportunities in the market place when the time is right for me.
  ·  Want to do more work on tapping into the hidden employment market.
  ·  Important to make career changes but don't know how to go about getting focused, directed or marketable for the change.
  ·  A university graduate and I want to strategically self manage my career and I want advice on how to go about it.
  ·  Currently using job Internet sites for my job search and I'm having little success with them.

How do we help you do this? It is the combination of unique knowledge, powerful technology and speed. It is also about what you know and whom you know and how you exploit it, this unique community on the site will collectively pool expertise that will assist in making us all valuable and able to take advantage of the unlimited wealth and opportunities on the Internet.


You will when using this system do the following:

  ·  Master sophisticated networking techniques that will get you known and in demand for the top jobs/life opportunities.
  ·  Understand and use power-positioning techniques that will get you in front of the people with the power to hire/enhance your life opportunities.
  ·  Know how to short-list yourself for the very best roles.
  ·  Master and control the interview process so at all times you come across as being the most outstanding contender for the roles that you want.
  ·  Use strategic career management techniques so that you are in the right career and the right organisations and the right industries at the right time.
  ·  Promote and market yourself on the Internet opening yourself up to unlimited career/life opportunities that will ultimately lead to your greater wealth.
  ·  Create your netprofile© and use it to promote yourself on the Internet.

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