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Strategic Life/Career Management Plan - Workshop

What successful strategies I am using?
What I need to start doing?
1.) I am confident that I understand the strategies I will need to use for marketing myself through the Internet.

2.) I have a support system in place for maintaining momentum.

3.) I have developed a clear and realistic career / life objective with a well-developed career / life mission statement in place.

4.) I have developed my Netprofile© for my networking activity

5.) I have developed well-written communication techniques.

6.) I have put in place a planning strategy for my research of the opportunities I am interested in marketing myself to.

7.) I have well thought out lists of people that I plan to consult for information and advice.

8.) I have a list of contacts that I am interested in approaching.

9.) I have at least basic information on my target Netprofiles.

10.) I have a good understanding of sophisticated Internetworking techniques and their benefits.

11.) I have developed sound relationships with sponsors and I have developed relationships with mentors and coaches within my industry or profession.

12.) I have put in place my networking strategy and I have a record keeping system in place to maximise my efficiency.

13.) My networking activity is generating good knowledge of sources of excellent opportunities either within my present networking circles or on the Internet.

14.) I have well-developed understanding of, and have done considerable preparation in, Internet communications techniques.

15.) I have well-developed skills in communicating effectively on the Internet.

16.) I have developed a sound relationship with past or present employers / supervisors / mentors / coaches / professional / industry contacts who will act as referees or will make recommendation on my behalf.


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