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The Life/Career Success System - Strategic Career Life

Strategic Career Management Gets you in the right career right industry right time.


Strategic Life / Career Management - Use Intelligent strategies and learn processes that show you how to manage your career.

The Life / Career Success System© is Life / career development for career strategists investing in value adding to their expertise.

The system has been designed to assist you in gaining greater control over your economic future. Lifetime employment with a single company is only a distant memory from the last millennium, there is a new employment contract emerging - the basic work unit is now you the individual. Multiple careers, rapid personal growth, and non-stop learning greatly increases the chances of revolutionising every phase of our lives. People now require guidance and advice in assisting them in self-managing their careers. This new and exciting area involves using the Life / Career Success System©. There is a great enjoyment to be derived when working with this creative and innovative self-education programme.

In today’s work place you will be likely to experience at least two and maybe as many as seven to ten careers over your lifetime. This is in the main due to the fact that we can learn and experience so much more in today’s information-loaded, communications-rich world. The emphasis is on learning continuously and learning that is based on your individual needs. This learning also assists in value adding to the expertise that you have already developed through out your career progression.

The focus now is on you managing your career / life / income / benefits, with assistance of a Life / Career Success System©. It assists you in understanding that there is more flexibility in evaluating your education and job history and we help you get the results you want. You demonstrate that you have learned from experience, have the types of personality and behavioural profile to succeed in your chosen career. You demonstrate that you have thrived on change and embraced it. You are creative in the face of adversity and change.

The self-directed programme assists you in finding opportunities in a business like manner and with accountability will through your achievements expect to be rewarded according to those results.

These learning and transitions periods at times challenge you; there has never been a greater need for professional development in this area. People are recognising that resistance and clinging to the old ways makes life far more stressful and difficult in the long term. Use of a programme such as this will assist you in times of need. With counselling and objective feedback from a mentor or coach that is provided through the site you will maintain the motivation that is needed for your long term career / life success.

You will see each new career path as a way to build broader skills and to achieve broader roles that will give you a greater sense of achievement or personal freedom and control over your life. Use a mentor or coach to work with you whenever you need this assistance, the self-education programme also assists in guiding you. Remember you are the only true motivator that you need. Use strategies and processes to work with your own internal motivation.

The Life / Career Success System© allows our members to run their career / life the same way a business is run. This gives you guidance in developing a vision of what you want to achieve with your life /career. You develop clearly written goals with a clearly defined action plan that is implemented by you. You carefully manage your strategic investment in education and skills and know how to market yourself in the life / career of your choice. You will also with the assistance of this programme know how to communicate. You also understand that in today’s employment / opportunities marketplace it is essential that we all operate more as a team or as a network of individuals.


The new focus
When participating in the Life / Career Success System© you will be guided in considering the following:

  ·  What do I really want to do for people?
  ·  What am I really good at?
  ·  What type of role have I played in the past successfully?
  ·  Where do I have strong interests to learn and grow?
  ·  What is it that I do that makes me feel best?
  ·  What do I do that I enjoy so much that it comes naturally and requires no strain?
  ·  Do I want to work on my own?
  ·  Do I work best in small innovative companies?
  ·  Do I work best in large growing corporations?

You will be guided in deciding what career you want to be in and are most likely to be qualified for. We assist you in writing that personal vision and mission statement for your career. You are assisted in gaining a clear vision of how you can make a difference for a select group of people or a business or customers. In today’s competitive life / employment market you need to demonstrate this to an employer or network group quickly, the individual who does gets hired fast! They also open themselves up to a greater range of opportunities.

The self-managing work environment and the need for self-managing workers. This work environment demands two basic arenas of focus:

1. People Skills
These are the basic human skills required to interface with and create value for the customer. Our economy has been revolutionised by powerful new technologies that delegate rote functions to the computer. We need more and more people who can interact effectively with other humans - customers, team members, and strategic partners closer to the front line. Communication and relational skills are at a premium and outstripping demand in the workplace. The burgeoning I.T. solutions industry is a direct result of the need for these skills.

2. Problem-Solving Skills
The second critical arena of broad skill development is problem-solving and trouble-shooting. People are developing the ability to think, how to ask questions, how to diagnose problems, and how to spot opportunities for initiating constructive change. The growth in e-commerce and the use of the technologies being developed for the Internet has created a great demand for these skills.


With the Career Success System© you will work with and develop the following principles:

  ·  Visions - Bill Gates had one and look where it took him. In the great scheme of things your vision and your belief in that vision is just as important. It will allow you to create the intensity and the passion that will give you the energy you need to create the accomplishments you desire.

  ·  Specialise in solutions - Work on developing skills that serve the creative process. Ones that will amplify your human, relational, sensory and problem-solving capacities.

  ·  Exploit the information you gain - Knowing a great deal about everything and doing nothing with it gets you no where. Successful people have the information and know exactly how to exploit it to their gain. They also have the networks that open up opportunities for them.

The nine behavioural skills you will need to cultivate in the new economy.

The new worker in terms of the behavioural traits will require: empathy, flexibility, need to be informed, be articulate verbally and in written communication, inventive, and be able to work with minimal levels of supervision. As an individual who is committed to gaining the very best from your career the Career Success System© assists you in developing the following skills:

People Skills
1.   know yourself
2.   become sensitive to the needs of others
3.   increase your tolerance levels

Integrative Skills
4.   expand your ability to communicate
5.   sharpen your business skills
6.   get a grasp on information technologies

Problem Solving Skills
7.   become results-oriented
8.   be proactive
9.   think creatively

Through working with this self-education programme you will position yourself for the best opportunities in the market-place.


The reasons why I need to self manage my life / career.

Our goal is to empower you to create the life circumstances that you want for yourself. You may have the desire to change your life completely, to shape your perceptions and to make things work better for you. You are not acted upon you have the power to create the life circumstances that you choose to have.

We will help identify your specific needs and develop strategies to fulfil those needs. You will also develop the ability to assist others to define their needs and fulfil them to their advantage - successful people do this all the time.

In today’s knowledge based economy one of the largest sources of power is derived from specialised knowledge. We live in an age that demands we use information continuously and now our culture of communication constantly puts out new ideas; concepts and new movements change the world daily. In our society those with the knowledge and the means to communicate it have unlimited power and ultimately wealth. The new class has its power from knowledge. Those with access to certain forms of specialised knowledge can transform themselves and ultimately the world. Knowledge is only potential power until it comes into the hands of someone who knows how to take effective action.

Communication is power, master your internal communications. The things that you picture (vision) say and feel within yourself and couple this with your external communication with others. The messages that you convey are very powerful and will determine your success. Be mindful of your words, tonalities and your actions must be carefully developed so that you ensure you create the circumstances you desire which matches the vision you have developed.

Those that have control or have mastered their internal communication are able to create the experience of the world and the world’s experience of them. These successful individuals do this to their mutual benefit and advantage and clearly and precisely define what it is they want. They have developed an understanding of and are focused on their own unique vision, clearly defined goals and implement their strategic action plans. If you don’t do this you have a ‘wish list’ which is a great dream but never a reality.


You need to take responsibility for self-managing your life. You have to do the work and examine your actions and determine if you are getting the outcomes that you desire. It is necessary that change readiness is needed in order to stay flexible always ready to change a behaviour that has become outmoded.

You will work hard at establishing what has or hasn’t worked in order for you to get what you want. Self-introspection is called for to assess where you have come from and work hard now on determining exactly where you will be going. Plans are essential in order to create the flexibility to detour when and if necessary. You are not powerless to act at each point something isn’t working - get rid of it. Keep in mind the long-term vision, constantly work on your goals and make modifications where necessary. Successful people are committed to be flexible and tenacious and to making changes until they create the life / career circumstances they want.


The Life / Career Success System© will cover the areas of development that will assist in implementing a practical down to earth process that will consistently trigger mechanisms that will ensure success.

Come and work with us - you will understand and use these strategies and processes for the rest of your life.

The Life / Career Success System©
1.   Know yourself
2.   Your primary aim or purpose
3.   Your strategic objectives
4.   Action plans
5.   Your management strategy
6.   State of the art personal marketing communications
7.   Your own communication strategy
8.   Getting people to work with you, for you and through you
9.   How to influence - the inner game, the outer game and the interview
10.   Your personal promotion and marketing strategy
11.   Networking
12.   Coaching
13.   Mentoring

Successful people take adversity and challenge and see it as an opportunity to grow. These people communicate a vision, a quest or a mission to others who also become inspired. The objective of this programme is to assist in imparting specific knowledge and techniques that will lead to greater self-awareness and self-management. This is achieved through a self-education programme and an on-line networking / mentor / coaching site. The community of members that use work with each other to facilitate the following processes:

1.   Knowing you.
2.   Understanding your purpose, values, beliefs and the setting of your goals.
3.   Assessing these attributes in all areas of your life.
4.   Particular emphasis on how this impacts on career choice, career pathway and ultimately career success.
5.   Clarification of career objectives - steps leading up to and including developing or reviewing and modifying career objectives.

The objective of the programme is to work with you in writing the best possible statement about yourself. Clearly identifying and demonstrating the special attributes that you have, in order to convince a prospective employer or networking opportunities that you are a valuable potential resource. This is achieved through the use of this publication and on-line processes:

  ·  Developing strategic marketing documents - review, reassess; present Strategic Targeted Resumes© for each specific role you are applying to. You will redesign your resume - to create a new marketing tool each time.
  ·  Work with you to assess key skills and personal qualities that need to be emphasised for the specific role you are applying to.
  ·  Review career history and clearly indicate value adding that improved organisational performance this demonstrates your value in the market place.
  ·  Draft, review and make appropriate modifications to produce a final document.
  ·  Develop strategic marketing communications to prospective employer organisations that demonstrates your market value to them immediately.
  ·  Prepare you for performing well at an interview.
  ·  Assists you in identifying the networks needed to be developed to open you up to the hidden opportunities in the ‘Virtual World of Work’ for your long term career / life success.

The outcomes of these processes are:

  ·  The creation of a greater awareness of career purpose and the development of career goals and the implementation of action plans for your success.
  ·  State of the art personal marketing documentation - Strategic Targeted Resumes© to get you to stand out on the Internet.
  ·  The use of strategically written communication documents to maximise the rate of interview generation.
  ·  Mastery of inner and outer communication.
  ·  Detailed preparation for an interview with the ultimate aim - successful job offers.
  ·  Increasing your sphere of influence through power positioning and developing sound relationships with sponsors, mentors and coaches.
  ·  Opening you up to the networks that will give you unlimited opportunities in the ‘Virtual World of Work’.
  ·  The joy of working with a virtual community whose aim is the success of us all.
  ·  The creation of your netprofile© and the use of it to open you up to unlimited opportunities through a virtual network community.

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