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Netprofile Name: Christa
Industry:Computer / Information Technology
Networking Profile
Commenced my career as a degree qualified educator worked in this role for 10 years and thoroughly enjoyed working with children within the education system. Currently I am a director in a technology company. My greatest career achievement has been the setting up of my Technology business. The best part of my workday is all day I love everything I do. Some of the most unusual things that have ever happened to me in my work life are the vast changes that are taking place in the world of work. I got where I am today by having a vision of what I wanted from my career life, creating goals and seeking out great people to teach me what I needed to know. Also I worked with the belief that networking was essential to my success, did a favour before I asked for one. I got where I am today by having a clear picture of what I wanted from my career life, working hard and seeking out great people to teach me what I needed to know. Also passing on what I had learnt to someone who was following me. Five years from now I see myself working globally through the Internet and travelling globally to stay in contact with the many people who will be involved with my business. My advice to someone starting out now is to understand that creativiy is important build networks of people who can help you. Also understand that everyone you work with is important in the great scheme of things give them the respect that you know you want for yourself. My greatest strength is to see what has not already happened and dream up ways to turn it into a reality. My greatest inspiration has been the many successful people that I have met throughout my life. They have been visionary, creative and driven to create great work that they can be proud of.

Career Profile
Unique experience with 20 plus years exposure to the recruitment agency, recruitment advertising, recruitment internet technology, online education, Internet media area . A professional with a commitment to learn, expand and excel in business and to create a positive impact within the organisation and industry I work in and to leave a positive impact in the business of the client I work for. Outstanding expertise: Recruiter / Business / Career / Executive Coach, Career Strategist, Career Management Education lecturer, Online Candidate / Talent Profiler, Online Candidate Assessment, Online Candidate / Recruitment Branding Strategist, Talent Management Strategist / Author, Educator. Outlined within the Career Profile presented exposure to the following industries. Exposure to Recruitment Agency Services / Training Services / Career Management Education Services / IT Industry Certification Training Services / Advertising Agencies Services / Recruitment Advertising Agency Services / Internet Technologies / Internet Media / Online Candidate Assessment Technology New South Wales MANAGING DIRECTOR Netprofiled Pty Ltd 2000-2007 MANAGING DIRECTOR Recruitworks Pty Ltd NSW 1999 - 2000 MANAGING DIRECTOR Strategic Career Network 1997 - 1999 EXECUTIVE RECRUITER International Recruitment Agency 1993 -1995 EXECUTIVE RECRUITER National Recruitment Agency 1991 -1993 Western Australia MANAGING DIRECTOR HR Consulting Group Pty Ltd 1990 -1991 SENIOR RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT National Recruitment Agency 1989 -1990 SENIOR RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT International Chartered Accountants 1989 -1989 EDUCATION SPECIALIST Ministry of Education 1978-1988 Most outstanding accomplishment - Successfully set up and managed 4 private companies. B.Ed Edith Cowan University Western Australia Dip Teach Edith Cowan University Western Australia

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